Northguard: The ManDes Conclusion #1Northguard is the superhero creation of writer Mark Shainblum and comic book artist Gabriel Morrissette. Making his debut in Northguard: New Triumph #1 in 1984, Northguard was an early entry into the of the wave of postmodern, “realistic” superhero comics that swept over the field in the 1980’s.

Unabashedly Canadian, action-packed and politically hard-hitting, Northguard struck a nerve with comic book readers and critics alike.

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What the critics have said about Northguard

By underpinning their work with realism and by examining the cost of heroism, Shainblum and Morrissette were responsible for the most mature depiction ever of a Canadian national superhero.” – John Bell, Invaders from the North: How Canada Conquered the Comic Book Universe

The sneer on my face has frozen and started to tingle. How am I going to explain that I sort of like (Northguard)?” – Russel Freund, The Comics Journal

This one is pretty awesome… Many consider Northguard to be one of the finest Canadian comics in history and with an origin like that, we have to agree.” – Mark Buxton, “The 11 Greatest Canadian Superheroes”, Den of Geek

Northguard is very good, writer Mark Shainblum treated the material with respect and his story is exciting and thought out. As I’m sure you’ve read all over Comic Book Daily, Canadian comics are gaining a lot of attention and attracting new collectors worldwide… and as we see more collectors digging around for unique Canadian properties, many will stumble upon and like New Triumph featuring Northguard.” – Walter Durajlija, “Undervalued Spotlight #212”, Comic Book Daily

Northguard is able to embody the potential of the superhero to be a figure who evokes questions, both in his own morality and in the way Canadians see ourselves. Shainblum and Morrissette turn the Canadian question about “who are we?” into a suit of red and white. – Derek Newman-Stile, “Superheroic Questions”,

Northguard is really Philip Wise, a young Montreal man given incredible powers to stop an evil plot to unite Canada and the United States into one giant, quasi-Christian theocratic dictatorship! I don’t think Captain America has ever faced stakes that high.” – Sean Ian Mills, “Top 6 Canadian Superheroes”,

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