About us

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100% danish

We are a 100% Danish company, with Danish tools and programs. However, all your service and protection will be in a language that you can understand.

Customer service minded

To us, good customer service means everything. We will do our best to get you the right help from the right people. Please contact us if you have anything on your mind.

All ages

We provide service to customers in all age groups. Whether it is the children’s computer games, or the grandparents’ email, we are happy to help if problems arise.

Our vision

Our vision is to help our customer base with the safety and protection of their personal data when they conduct activities online. The world of technology is moving in big steps, which unfortunately a lot of people cannot or will not adjust to. Therefore, it is our goal and duty to help people on the right path and help our customers realize that their personal data should not be spread among all kind of strangers online.

Our team

Northguard is made up of a team of people with many years of experience in IT support and safety for all the different needs that may be. We have a team of supporters who are ready to pick up the phone, each of whom can help with various problems.

Do you have questions regarding your own safety, or do you need help with your computer? Then give us a call and let us help you.