Computer optimization

  • Faster startup
  • Optimization of system files and program files
  • Security check and clean-up of viruses
  • Optimization of various systems and programs
  • Guidance and answers to your questions

By optimizing your system, you will have one of our skilled technicians to review your safety and set up the system properly. Get your computer up and running faster, run better, and be more secure in general.
The optimization typically takes one to two hours and takes place via our remote-control support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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We examine your computer for useless files, viruses, third-party applications, etc.


The clean-up takes between 1-2 hours and takes place via remote support.


Enjoy yourself with an improved, faster, and safer computer.

Prolong the lifetime of your computer

An older car should be serviced approx. every two years. Shouldn’t a computer do that too?

Just as a servicing of your car keeps you safeguarded from accidents by making sure everything runs as it should be, we can give your computer a service to make sure you are safe as well.

The general life span of a computer is between three and five years before it has to be replaced. Of course, there are a number of factors influencing this estimate, for example computer’s quality, applications, how you have cared for it, and whether there is still room for upgrades.

We can help you extend the life of your computer by providing it with a manual review for useless files, programs, viruses, and a general optimization of your system. We will do our best to make it run the way you did it – without removing your current documents, programs, and images that you have saved here over time.


If you have any questions about your computer or your security, you are always welcome to ask our experienced technicians. If the technician you are talking to cannot answer your question, we have an arsenal of 14 other clever minds that can surely find the answer for you.

During the optimization we will of course offer you great pieces of advice on how to care and protect your computer so that you do not have to withstand a deteriorated user experience.


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